Covid Cover Versions


These are cover versions of songs created during the 2020's Covid pandemic.

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PamPam Hand Font Downloads (Free)

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A free handwriting font with a fun,
authentic and girly look and feel that
is suitable for social media and general
graphic design.

The Right To Perversion

*NSFW. Viewer discretion is advised.*

The Right To Perversion are a few video remixes/mashups/edits made with footage from the Prelinger Archives.

The classical educational video that served as basis is a must when it comes to Prelinger Archives Mashups.

The only purpose was to see how far, absurd and surreal it could get.

Some alternative intros and outros were also created, with the idea of some sort of a digital scratch reel of what you would see in a rather surreal, old and low quality movie theater in between shows and at the beginning and end of the films.

They were done in very low resolution and quality and really just for fun.

Please note these materials contain satirical, sexual discourse, information and nudity in a context of bad taste humor, irony and sarcasm.

"According to George Putnam we all have the legal right to be perverts."

The original public domain, anti-pornography film produced by financier Charles Keating, linking pornography to the Communist conspiracy and the decline of Western civilization is called "Perversion for Profit",, and was made available in digital format by  the Citizens for Decent Literature, Inc. (Cincinnati, Ohio).

Mashup edits:




Instrumental piano and strings works. 

 Auras 1 

 Public Domain